Geriatric Foot Care
May 20, 2019
Category: Foot Care

Your podiatrists in Naperville, IL, can help care for your feet

Your body goes through many changes as you age—that includes your feet too! Proper foot care is an important part of keeping you geriatric foot carehealthy, and your foot doctor can help. Drs. Brendon J. McCarthy and Mark Konieczy at Fox Valley Foot Specialists in Naperville, IL, offer a full range of podiatry services, including geriatric foot care.


Issues with aging feet

You may be noticing some of these changes occurring in your feet as you age:

  • Thinner, drier skin which can cause your skin to crack and blister more easily
  • Stiffer joints, which can cause you to lose mobility in your feet, ankles, and toes
  • Flatter arches, which can cause your feet to grow wider and longer

It’s also easier to injure your feet and ankles as you get older. Strains, sprains, and broken bones are all more common as you age.


Home care

Luckily, you can do a lot to take care of your feet as you age. Remember to:

  • Examine your feet daily, looking for any injuries or skin problems
  • Wash and dry your feet every day and apply moisturizer to keep your skin soft
  • Apply antibiotic cream to open sores or blisters and bandage any injured areas
  • Keep toenails trimmed straight across to avoid ingrown toenails
  • Stretch your arches, ankles, and toes every day to stay flexible
  • Avoid going barefoot and wear cushioned socks and supportive shoes
  • Take weight off of your feet whenever possible
  • Clear your floors of objects that can cause you to trip and injure yourself



There are also certain medical conditions that can affect your feet as you get older. For example:

  • Diabetes can cause a simple cut or blister to turn into a painful diabetic ulcer
  • Obesity can lead to plantar fasciitis and other foot issues
  • Osteoporosis can lead to an increased risk of fractures or broken bones
  • Osteoarthritis can lead to painful, swollen joints and decreased mobility


When to call your local foot doctor

If you have foot issues related to a medical condition, it’s best to seek out your podiatrist for a consultation and individualized treatment plan. Your foot doctor is an expert at providing care for the best long-term result. For more information about geriatric foot care, call Drs. Brendon J. McCarthy and Mark Konieczy at Fox Valley Foot Specialists in Naperville, IL, today! They are reachable at (630) 548-3900