Get Rid Of Your Foot Fungus For Good
April 10, 2017
Category: Podiatry
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Find out the many treatment options for tackling toenail fungus.foot fungus

If you are dealing with toenail fungus you may be feeling rather frustrated and embarrassed by your yellowing toenail. With summer just around the corner you may be considering ways to treat this issue once and for all. If toenail fungus has been too difficult to treat yourself, then turn to our Naperville, IL, podiatrist, Dr. Brendon McCarthy, for other more effective treatment options for your fungal infection.

Perhaps you’ve already tried over-the-counter antifungal creams and it just isn’t doing the trick. This isn’t too surprising. After all, these creams won’t be able to go through the nail to reach the fungus. This means that it isn’t always the most efficacious way to treat toenail fungal infections.

In this case, it’s time to see our Naperville foot doctor. A prescription-strength antifungal medication can be prescribed orally to kill the infection without having to apply a messy cream that won’t be able to target the fungus anyway. This medication is often taken for several weeks and while it can be an effective way to get rid of a fungal infection it’s important to understand that your toenail will not immediately become clear again. You will have to wait a few months for the nail to grow out before you see the results of your treatment.

For those with stubborn or persistent bouts of toenail fungal infections who don’t find oral medications to be an effective treatment method, they will want to talk to Dr. McCarthy about laser fungal treatments. Laser therapy is a highly effective way to safely penetrate through the nail to heat up and destroy the fungus lying underneath. Laser treatment isn’t painful, doesn’t require anesthesia and boasts zero recovery time. It often only takes one laser treatment to kill the fungus completely. Of course, just like with any nail fungus treatment, you won’t see a clear nail for a couple of months.

Don’t let a fungal infection ruin your nail health when the podiatric experts at Fox Valley Foot Specialists in Naperville, IL, can help. Call us to learn more about laser fungal treatment and how it can help you.