How Your Podiatrist Can Help Maintain The Health Of Your Feet
July 11, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Proper Footwear   Hygiene   Injuries  

For such a commonly used part of the body, we often ignore problems related to our feet, toes and ankles. Many people have never evenFoot Care visited a foot doctor, known as a podiatrist. In fact, according to the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association, only about 5 percent of Americans regularly see a podiatrist. Dr. Brendon McCarthy and Dr. Mark Konieczy of Fox Valley Foot Specialists want to help change that percentage in the Naperville, Illinois area by reminding their current and future patients why it's important to stay up-to-date on your foot health.

Proper footwear

One of the best ways you can care for your feet is by following your Naperville podiatrist's recommendations for shoes. Too often, people wear shoes that are either too big or too small, putting them at risk for foot and ankle injuries and long-term health problems. The podiatrists at Fox Valley Foot Specialists can examine your foot and gait for any abnormalities and make suggestions on the brands of shoes that can help compensate and balance you out.


Trimming our toenails and washing our feet are everyday chores to which we probably don't give much thought. However, there are right and wrong ways to perform these tasks that will maintain your foot health as well as their appearance. This is especially important for diabetic patients, as the reduced circulation associated with diabetes can cause major complications for minor issues. Your Naperville podiatrist can show you the proper way to trim your nails to avoid painful problems like ingrown toenails and help you choose the right soaps and shoes to avoid athlete's foot and toenail fungus.


We use our feet constantly each day, so it's no wonder that injuries to the feet and ankles are extremely common. Ankle sprains, for example, affect approximately 9 million Americans every year. While you might be tempted to "walk it off" when it comes to these types of injuries, seeing your Naperville podiatrist after you've experienced trauma to any part of the foot or ankle is crucial for proper healing.

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