Treating Toenail Fungus
February 06, 2018
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Are you one of the millions of Americans who suffer from stubborn toenail fungus? if you are, you know how embarrassing and toenail fungusdiscouraging this common foot ailment can be. Your Naperville, IL foot doctors, Dr. Brendon McCarthy and Dr. Mark Konieczny, provide helpful toenail fungus treatment at Fox Valley Foot Specialists. Their combined experience offers patients hope for a cure and for attractive, healthy feet.

What is toenail fungus?

It's most common in the over 70 age group, says online consumer journal, Berkley Wellness. However, regardless of age, occupation or lifestyle, you may be included in the 10 percent of Americans who struggle with:

  • Brittle, thick, yellow nails
  • Redness and itching around the nails
  • Loose nails

Also called onychomycosis, toenail fungus often hangs around for years, particularly if the tendency to have it runs in your family, if you smoke or if you are diabetic. Individuals who have repeated bouts of Athlete's Foot, or Tinea pedis, as your Naperville foot doctor may call it, frequently have toenail fungus as well.

Onychomycosis develops in warm, moist, dark environments such as athletic shoes. And, it commonly afflicts members of the armed forces because of the long hours they wear heavy, closed toe boots.

Treatments for toenail fungus

After physical examination at Fox Valley Foot Specialists and confirming you have toenail fungus, your foot doctor in Naperville may advise a change in shoes to something more open. Good quality sandals in the warm weather allow air to circulate freely around the toes.

Also, he'll likely recommend washing your feet daily with soap and water and drying them thoroughly. Clipping nails straight across with clean clippers discourages fungal growth and also avoids ingrown toenails. Wearing clean socks each day reduces the growth of fungus, too.

Additionally, Dr. McCarthy or Dr. Konieczny often recommend either over-the-counter or prescription anti-fungal medications in the form of creams, ointments or sprays. Patients must apply these as directed and expect complete cure to take some months.

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You can have healthy toe nails. For treatment of toenail fungus, call Fox Valley Foot Specialists in Naperville, IL. The professional staff will be happy to help you conquer this persistent problem. Call (630) 548-3900.