What Are Treatment Options For Bunions?
February 10, 2016
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Whether jutting out from a strappy sandal on a warm summer day or protruding against the soft mesh or canvas of a snug pair of bunionssneakers at the gym, bunions are a fairly common foot condition. Affecting an estimated 23 percent of 18 - 65 year olds, the incidence and risk of foot problems and bunions increases with age, with approximately 36 percent of people over 65 suffering from the condition. Once developed, bunions do not heal on their own, and require treatment by a foot doctor--like Dr. Brendon McCarthy of Fox Valley Foot Specialists in Naperville, IL--once they become painful. They can also cause the big toe to become misaligned and bend towards the other toes.

A bunion is caused by inflammation of the metatarsophalangeal joint at the side of the big toe. When the bone starts to protrude from the side of the foot, it causes pain and discomfort from friction while wearing shoes, and can eventually lead to difficulty walking.

Although they are not hereditary, bunions can run in families for members with anatomical similarities of the foot. People with low arches or "flat feet" and who tend to over pronate (when the ankles excessively roll in towards each other), can be more prone to developing bunions or hammer toes.

Bunion Treatment in Naperville

Your Naperville podiatrist offers several treatment options for bunions, depending on the severity and extent of bone deformity in the affected foot. Mild to moderate cases can be treated conservatively to minimize inflammation and friction, while more advanced deformities of the bone may require surgery.

The most common treatments for bunions are:

  • Insoles or orthotics to minimize friction with shoes
  • Custom orthopedic shoes
  • Splints for proper toe and joint alignment
  • Physical therapy for joint mobility and stiffness
  • Bunionectomy (surgery to realign the toe and bone)

Contact a foot doctor in Naperville

Bunions can be painful and disruptive to your everyday activities and quality of life. They can also make it difficult or impossible to wear your favorite shoes! To learn more about treatment options, contact Dr. Brendon McCarthy of Fox Valley Foot Specialists in Naperville, IL at (630) 548-3900 to schedule an appointment today.