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Our team of expert physicians can help with your foot and ankle personal or work related injuries and provide an Independent Medical Exam, also known as IME. Finding relief from an injury you sustained at work, accidents, or other personal injuries can be a lengthy process that is exhausting. We are here to help!

Our doctors will work with you, your legal team, and your workers compensation group to ensure you get the best care and treatment possible.

What is the Purpose of an Independent Medical Exam?

An Independent Medical Exam (also called an "IME") is often needed to obtain an objective medical opinion from a physician who has no previous doctor-patient relationship with the individual. Sometimes an IME may be requested by an employer, an insurance company, or an attorney to determine the cause and extent of a work-related injury.

What You Can Expect During Your Independent Medical Exam?

During an IME, our physicians will examine your injury and conduct a thorough review of medical records. This process will enable the doctor to make a prognosis, clarify the cause of an injury, and assess your capacity to work. It will be beneficial to all parties to trust an honest physician who strives to be exactly what IME stands for - an unbiased and truthful Independent Medical Exam.

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