Sheri Hey

May 2022

Dr. McCarthy really helped me with stubborn and recurrent Plantar Fasciitis. I wish I had found him earlier. I got through two 1/2 marathons and a 70.3 1/2 Ironman: pain free thanks to his care.

Mike Fisher

April 2022

Very knowledgeable. Was diagnosed quickly and back on my feet :)

Steve Smith

April 2022

I saw Dr. Sadeghi for plantar wart treatment with SWIFT. The wart was previously treated with Cryofreeze and salicylic acid and they both failed. After 2 treatments with SWIFT my wart was gone. SWIFT discomfort was less than cryofreeze and much shorter treatment duration. I'm very happy I tried it. Recommend SWIFT to anyone who's got warts.

Bubba McKee

March 2022

I came to Fox Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists with a plantar fasciitis issue that I was unable to resolve elsewhere. Dr. McCarthy worked with me to resolve the issue and the pain I was experiencing. I highly recommend Dr. McCarthy and this practice.

Nooshin Mojab

March 2022

I saw Dr. Nadia Sadeghi for hallux limitus. She was extremely knowledgeable, caring and attentive. She took her time to assess and treat my foot problem and patiently explained all the information and answered all my questions. I highly recommend her and this awesome facility.

Nicholas Katsafados

March 2022

The people were super professional and the Doctor (Nadia Sadeghi) was gentle and super thoughtful in assessing my foot problem...thank you Fox Valley!

Charles Burger

March 2022

Dr. Mark has provided us with great professional services. Thank you!

Patti Gustafson

February 2022

Dr. Sadeghi fit me in at the end of her day as I was leaving the next day on a trip. I'd never seen her before. She fixed my foot so I could enjoy hiking in Patagonia with my family. She's gentle, knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful.Highly recommend Dr. Sadeghi and the office works together to make the whole experience a breeze!

Jennifer Casey

February 2022

As an athlete, I saw Dr. Nadia Sadeghi in her clinic for gait correction and foot pain. She assessed my gait and fitted me for custom made orthotics that would fit into my gym shoes. She is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. I have seen improvements in my physical performance and had a resolution in my foot pain. I’ll never go another day without these inserts and can’t wait for my second pair. I highly recommend Dr. Sadeghi.

Lynn Johnson

February 2022

The doctors and staff are great!

Kyle Jacobson

February 2022

I have been seeing Dr. Brendon McCarthy for about 20 years for a number of injuries and he and his staff are great! Professional, Personal and excellent care and follow up.

Dru Stech

January 2022

Dr. McCarthy is the best foot Dr. He always knows exactly what to do to fix all foot problems.

Kristine Derrico

January 2022

Staff was very friendly and the doctor was very knowledgeable, friendly, and took a lot of time to explain everything. I would highly recommend this facility.

Al Joy

December 2021

Dr. McCarthy was very pleasant and attentive to my concerns. He patiently answered my questions and provided advice and prescription orthotics with the purpose of remeding my concerns.

Laura Woll

December 2021

The staff is very friendly, Dr. McCarthy is the best. Been going to him for a long time.

Sam Zegar

December 2021

It was my first time and Dr. Nadia Sadeghi was fantastic. She gave me relief from pain I had been experiencing for years and hope that I’ll never have to experience it again. The office is beautiful and very clean and the front desk staff were fantastic. I highly recommend Fox Valley foot and ankle specialist. Thank you for a great experience all around.

Laurie K

December 2021

My son had seen another specialist prior at different provider months before, who removed his entire nail from his big toe and dismissed us without any further follow up. Fast forward 6 months, my son wakes up in pain from the same toe having similar issues with the toe nail.
I called Fox Valley Foot & Ankle to see if they could accommodate my son that day, as he was in so much pain.
The receptionist/nurse was an angel. She worked us in that day. We saw Dr. Nadia Sadeghi that afternoon.
My son has severe sensory issues, and having his toe nail worked on causes him great anxiety. The first provider he saw was very traumatic. I explained what my son had already gone through the first time and Dr. Sadeghi listened and was so caring and empathetic. She completely understood my son's needs.
She reassured my son and me and explained in great, easy to understand details what has been going on with my son's toe.
She was very patient and took great care, and my son got through the procedure like a champ! Both the doctor and the nurse were fantastic. So caring!
Highly recommend Dr. Sadeghi and her staff - top notch, very caring, expert care!

Alisa York

August 2021

Friendly and efficient staff. Dr. Khademi was personable and gave lots of input about options. Feel like I have a good treatment plan for now.

Kevin Driscoll

August 2021

I recommend Dr. Sadeghi to everyone now. I have told everyone about how she helped me. I called and they got me in right away, and she was timely on seeing me. She actually listened to me and knew what my problem was right away. She explained everything to me where I could understand it, and explained the plan. I recommend Dr. Sadeghi at Fox Valley Foot Specialists

Stefanie Hoffmann

May 2021

Great service very nice staff and even more welcoming Doctor. I had an ingrown toe nail and after a short procedure no more problems. Can't say enough how friendly the doctor and the team is.

Todd Sherwin

May 2020

Dr. McCarthy and the staff, are just the best!! Thanks to their tremendous care, I was able to participate in a once-in-a lifetime Scout High Adventure trip this Summer with my son. With the chronic foot/ankle problems I'd been experiencing I didn't think 10 straight days on the trail, carrying packs over 130 miles, at 10,000 feet+, would ever have been possible. Thank you to all.

Shirley Fancher

May 2020

Dr. McCarthy is the best podiatrist! He had to fix another doctor's work and has been treating me for over 3 years. Just recently he actually saved our vacation plans. Just 7 days before we were set to leave, I could not walk due to ingrown toenail pain. I called Dr. McCarthy and he immediately saw me and removed the offending nail. I healed up in just 5 days and was able to enjoy Canada pain free.

Brain Rogers

May 2012

I always have a great experience when visiting Dr. McCarthy, he puts his patients at ease, always takes his time to evaluate and treat and explains all of information in a way that is easiest to understand. He has virtually eliminated my foot and ankle pain! I recommend this facility to anyone in the market for a Podiatrist in this area.

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